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    3D Imaging of Subsurface Features Using GPR Array Beam Imaging

    Publisher – EEGS, SAGEEP Proceedings, 2000 Authors – Jeffrey L. Orrey, Ojo Solutions,Boulder, Colorado; Phil C. Sirles*, Microgeophysics Corp., Wheat Ridge, Colorado; Charles B. Archambeau, TRAC-NA, Boulder, Colorado Paper – [pdf] Sirles_2000_3D_Imaging_of_Subsurface_Features_Using_GPR_Array_Beam_Imaging Abstract

    NanoTEM A Very Fast Turn-Off TEM System

    Publisher – Zonge, 2011. [pdf]  ENV_Nano Summary This document presents results of Zonge NanoTEM® surveys for three different environmental problems requiring the location of: aluminum dross contamination, underground storage tanks (USTs), and abandoned well casings in a previous oil drilling area. Results are excellent in all three examples and were confirmed upon digging. Targets easily stand […]

    Advancements in 3D Subsurface Modeling Using Seismic Refraction Data

    Publisher – EEGS, 2006. Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) proceedings. Authors – Phil Sirles*, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc., Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Alan Rock, Summit Peak Technologies, LLC., Khamis Haramy, Federal Highway Administration – Central Federal Lands Highway Division. U.S.A. Paper – [pdf] INFR_Sirles_2006_Advancement in 3D subsurface […]

    Earthquake Monitoring with Gravity Meters: Case Studies from the November 2006 and January 2007 Kuril Islands Earthquakes

    Publisher – SEG/EAGE 2010 Summer Research Workshop, Low Frequencies: Their value and challenges, August 15-20, 2010, Snowbird, Utah Authors – Tim N. Niebauer, Jennifer L. Hare, Jeff MacQueen, Daniel Aliod, and Olivier Francis Paper – [pdf] ENV_EarthquakeMonitoringGphone Introduction

    Extremely Fast IP Used to Delineate Buried Landfills

    Publisher – Presented at the 5th Meeting of Environmental & Engineering Geophysics – European Section, Budapest, Hungary, 1999. Authors – Norman R. Carlson, Cris Mauldin Mayerle, Kenneth L. Zonge, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc. Paper – [pdf] ENV_Landfill-EuropeanEEGS-1999 Abstract Determining the location of old, poorly-documented, buried landfills has become a significant concern in many […]

    Locating Abandoned Wells: A Comprehensive Manual of Methods and Resources

    Publisher – Solution Mining Research Institute, June, 2002. Research Project Report No. 2002-1-SMRI. Authors – Peter W. Jordan, Subsurface Technology, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.; Jennifer L. Hare, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. Report – [pdf] ENV_LocatingAbandonedWells_SMRI_Research_Report_2002-1 Description