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    Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

    Zonge International is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employee-owners, contractors, and industry partners, and to safeguarding the health of the communities in which we work.

    Zonge is committed to compliance with any and all governmental agencies and regulations, and uses audits to measure and improve our health and safety performance.

    Zonge believes that all injuries are preventable and that excellence in health and safety is key to our long-term success. Practicing safety is our continual mindset within constantly-changing worksite environments. Ensuring safe operations is the responsibility of the entire company.

    Zonge holds all levels of the company accountable for providing a safe work environment, following and enforcing safe work procedures, and reporting unsafe acts and safety incidents.

    • Employees will take responsibility for their own actions and assist the company in continually improving the safety and health of our workplace.
    • Management and supervisors will demonstrate their commitment to health
      and safety by example and ensure that the personnel for whom they are responsible have the necessary knowledge and training to work safely.
    • Supervisors will give overriding priority to health and safety above productivity and other business requirements and ensure timely follow-up to any safety incidents.

    Right and responsibility to refuse unsafe work
    Individuals are responsible for their own health and safety, as well as that of other persons, and have the responsibility to refuse unsafe work. Discriminatory action will not be taken against any person for refusing to do unsafe work.

    Condition of employment
    All employees, regardless of position, are encouraged to contribute to the improve-
    ment of the Zonge health and safety program. Cooperation and compliance with the health and safety program is a condition of employment.

    Scott Urquhart,
    President and Managing Geophysicist
    Zonge International