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    Wireless EM arrays of Zonge high-resolution receivers collect extraordinary data even amid noise.

    Designed for high-performance and reduced deployment costs in the collection of MT and IP data, the new Zonge Electromagnetic Network (ZEN) High-Res Receiver™ collects the highest resolution data currently possible but weighs less than 6 pounds (2.6kg).

    Signals not detected with conventional 16-bit or 24-bit receivers are easily detected with ZEN’s 32-bit resolution, making surveys successful even in areas of cultural noise.

    wireless network HSee 32-bit vs 24-bit data comparison >

    A truly distributed MT acquisition system

    Using a distributed data acquisition system, surveys can be designed with almost arbitrary geometry. Each analog signal can be measured wherever topography and accessibility make it most convenient, rather than where survey geometry dictates.  Large-scale surveys suddenly become possible with smaller crews due to the ease of transport and placement of each station.

    Modular design, maximum flexibility

    ZEN™ system components are interchangeable. Each channel  is independent and controllable with any USB PC, via time-schedule, or radio.

    ZEN High-Res Receiver™ systems incorporate robust, long-range industrial radio controls with built-in mesh capabilities to allow each receiver to act as a repeater for other deployed receivers. With the release of software now in development and each instrument acting as a repeater, radio control range will be greater than 200 meters line-of sight.