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Using Geophysics to Evaluate an Embankment Dam Sinkhole

Publisher – U.S. Society on Dams, 29th Annual USSD Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, April 20-24, 2009 Authors – Michael McCaffrey, PB Power, Boston, Massachusetts; Phil Sirles, Zonge International, Denver, Colorado; William Black, Norcal Geophysical, Inc., Cotati, California; Paul Shiers, PB Power, Boston, Massachusetts; Ray Barham, Alcoa Power Generation Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee Publication – [pdf] DAMS_Sirles 2009 […]

Sewer Sinkhole Study Using TEM

Publisher – Society of Exploration Geophysicists, The Leading Edge, March 2006. Authors – Norman R. Carlson*, Scott A. Urquhart*, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. Article – [pdf] INFR_LeadingEdge-SinkholePaper Slide presentation – [pdf] sewer intregrity survey TEM system Summary