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    On-target, subsurface information with the expert application of geophysical tools to real-world problems.

    Zonge serves as a resource to exploration project managers, independent consultants, environmental and engineering firms, research and other organizations.

    We adapt methods and solutions to your project targets and objectives.

    CONTACT US to discuss your project needs.

    • Geophysical survey services, consulting and project management
    • Ground and shallow-water geophysical field services
    • Acquisition, processing, modeling and integrated interpretation of geophysical data—all or any part of the process required
    • 2D, 3D, and time-lapse imaging
    • Worldwide deployment capabilities
    • Customized EM instruments, development, and training

    Exploration Geophysical Services including CSEM for petroleum exploration and comprehensive ground capabilities for minerals, geothermal and groundwater exploration… MORE

    Engineering Geophysical Services including non-intrusive methods for mapping the integrity of dams, levees, bridges, mine tailings and impoundment structures… MORE

    Environmental Geophysical Services including time-lapse monitoring of CO2 sequestration, contaminant migration, levee seepage… MORE