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    Your project. Your risk. Your success.

    The value of any given geophysical investigation method toward reduced drilling cost and increased returns is relative to where you are in the prospecting process, to geochemistry results, and to budget and business objectives. Let Zonge assist you in recommending methods and next steps with the most potential value to your project.

    Exploration Geophysical Methods

    • Induced Polarization (IP) methods using time and frequency domains for detection of disseminated sulfides, graphite, or clay minerals
    • Controlled Source EM (CSEM) /Audio-Magnetotelluric (CSAMT) investigations to detect massive sulfides, silicified zones or map subsurface lithology
    • Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) investigations—surface and borehole—for mapping conductive features, including massive sulfides, clay deposits, and coal seams
    • Land and shallow-water seismic more >
    • Multi-station, remote reference MT for deeper mining, geothermal and petroleum applications in non-seismic areas
    • High-resolution Gravity surveys to map variations in basement topography
    • Ground Magnetics with integrated GPS using GEM Systems magnetometers for rapid investigation of local subsurface structure
    • In-house processing and fast turnaround of electrical/EM data