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    Rock Properties Testing Services

    Determine electrical, magnetic and density properties of core and surface samples


    Affordable testing appropriate for exploration needs

    Zonge operates a well-equipped laboratory for testing electrical, magnetic and density physical rock properties.

    Physical property data is useful for…
    • Geophysical survey design for specific targets
    • Geophysical feasibility studies
    • Anomaly drill test confirmation
    • Refining survey data interpretation
    • Correlation to geological information
    Quick quotations, fast turnaround

    Firm quotes can be obtained quickly by telephone or email. Quoted prices include sample preparation, testing and reports. Incidental expenses and shipping costs are the responsibility of the client. Pricing depends on the procedures required, the type of sample(s) submitted, and the necessary sample preparation.

    In a hurry?

    We can accommodate requests for expedited processing, but only if arrangements are made in advance. Please call ahead.

    Email or call (U.S.) 520-327-5501 to request a quote.