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natural-source AMT

How to conduct an AMT geophysics survey using Zonge GDP equipment and software

Publisher – Zonge, 2016 Download the pdf: Summary A tutorial for acquisition contractors and exploration geologists wanting a thorough description of the equipment and end-to-end process involved in conducting an AMT geophysics survey using the Zonge GDP EM data receiver and Zonge processing and inversion software. This 13-page tutorial outlines the steps in the Audio-frequency […]

Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data and the Elimination of Topographic Effects Through Modeling

Publisher – Zonge Paper –  [pdf] AMT_Topo Abstract

Applications of Controlled-Source and Natural-Source AMT to Groundwater Exploration

Publisher — Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), 2005 Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) proceedings. Authors — Norman R. Carlson*, Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona; Phillip M. Paski, HydroSystems, Inc., Tempe, Arizona; Scott A. Urquhart*, Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona. Paper — [pdf] GRW_SAGEEP05Groundwater […]

Use of CSAMT and AMT in Siting Groundwater Production Wells: Two Case Histories

Publisher — Zonge, 2011. Presented at the International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Methods and Their Applications,  October 10-13, 2011 Beijing, China. Authors — Norman R. Carlson, Zonge International; Charles F. Feast, Feast Geosciences, LLC.; Greg L. Bushner and Ryan Hoerth, Vidler Water Company. Paper — [pdf] GRW_GEM-Carlson-Groundwater-2CaseHistories Summary—Use of CSAMT geophysical survey method […]

Using Analytic Signal Analysis On Aeromagnetic Data To Constrain AMT Inversions, San Pedro River Basin, Sonora, Mexico

Publisher — Zonge. Authors — J.C. Wynn, US Geological Survey, Vancouver, Washington; Floyd Gray, US Geological Survey, Tucson, Arizona; T.E. Nordstrom, Dexin Liu, E.V. Reed, Zonge Engineering, Tucson, Arizona; F.A. Villaseñor, SEMARNAT, Cananea, Mexico; Gerry Connard, NGA Inc., Corvallis, Oregon Paper — [pdf] AMT_Inversion_with_AeroMAG Abstract