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    Zonge is now an agent for GEM Systems Magnetometers

    GEM_Overhauser_GSM19Zonge International is pleased to announce that the company is now a sales agent for GEM Systems magnetometers in the United States.

    GEM Systems, based in Ontario, Canada is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced magnetometers. Their fully-integrated Ground Magnetics survey systems with GPS and optional VLF-EM capability, are known for practicality and robustness in field operations.

    Zonge International is known worldwide for its advanced broadband, electrical and electromagnetic geophysical field equipment and for expertise in EM exploration geophysics field services. Zonge has used GEM magnetometers to conduct Ground Magnetics surveys for many years.

    The Zonge field services Ground Magnetics capability is important to many customers, often providing a relatively inexpensive, rapid means of investigating the local subsurface. The method can also add value to IP, CSAMT, MT and other geophysical surveys such as contributing to the placement of IP survey lines.

    GEM Systems magnetometers complement the Zonge equipment product line and help us provide a complete equipment and service solution to our customers.

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