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Zonge International is an ESOP company providing geophysical field services, consulting and instrument development to geoscientists and geotechnical engineers worldwide.

Zonge is a resource to exploration managers, geotechnical engineers, and independent consultants meeting client-company geophysics needs in three application arenas— exploration, environmental and geotechnical.

The company was formed in 1972 by Kenneth L. Zonge who developed the complex resistivity method, demonstrated its validity for natural-resource exploration, and was the first to build a microprocessor-based, electromagnetic receiver in the early 1970s.

Formerly Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, the company changed its name to Zonge International in 2011.

Zonge Today

Zonge International teams perform hundreds of projects each year involving seismic, magnetics, gravity and other geophysical methods in addition to the electromagnetic methods the company helped establish. Zonge maintains offices in three states in the U.S. and regularly establishes field offices for deployment worldwide.