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    Common to exploration of the past was to conduct some basic field work and initial geophysics, start drilling and hope for the best.   Those days are over.

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    Changes in the marketplace have changed the economics of natural-resource exploration worldwide. Mineral and water targets in particular are deeper and surface clues are inadequate. Continuously updating and integrating your geologic information and geophysical models has become essential for success.

    Exploration Geophysical Services

    • Acquisition, joint interpretation of EM, seismic, CSAMT, gravity, magnetics… more on methods >
    • Faster, more strategic surveys
    • 32-bit highest-quality MT data possible
    • Wireless EM and wireless seismic arrays
    • High-resolution, 3D data acquisition
    • Rock properties laboratory testing
    • Data and support for independent consultants to complete geophysics program management
    • Ground and shallow-water geophysical field services
    • Acquisition, processing, modeling and integrated interpretation of geophysical data—all or any part of the process
    • Worldwide deployment