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    Dams & Levees

    Combined Use of Active and Passive Surface-wave Techniques for Cost-effective UBC/IBC Site Classification

    Publisher – Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, Conference Proceedings, 2005 Annual Meeting Authors – Antony J. Martin, Jonathan B. Shawver*, and John G. Diehl, GEOVision Geophysical Services, Corona, California Paper – [pdf] INFR_2005 AEG -Martin Shawver Diehl Combined use of Active&Passive Abstract

    Beyond Rippability – A Case History Integrating Seismic Refraction, Electrical Resistivity Imaging and Geotechnical Boring Logs

    Publisher – Missouri University of Science and Technology, Proceedings: 2006 Conference on Applied Geophysics Authors – Jonathan B. Shawver*, William Dalrymple, GEOVision Geophysical Services, Inc., Corona, California; Robert M. Orr, Wilbur Smith Associates, Kansas City, Missouri Paper – [pdf] INFR_2006 Shawver Orr Dalrymple Beyond Rippability Abstract

    Crosshole Sonic Logging vs 2D and 3D Crosshole Sonic Logging Tomography for Drilled Shafts

    Publisher – 2002 Authors – N. Mekic-Stall, N. and Phil Sirles*, Denver, Colorado Paper! Abstract

    Seepage Investigation Using Geophysical Techniques at Coursier Lake Dam, B.C., Canada

    Publisher – EEGS, 1997 Author – Phil Sirles*, MicroGeophysics Corporation, Wheat Ridge, Colorado Paper – [pdf] DAMS_Sirles_1997 SAGEEP-SP seepage_investigation Abstract

    Application of Geotomography at the Monks Hollow Damsite, Utah

    Publisher – SEG, 1991 Author – Phil Sirles*, Seismotectonics and Geophysics Section, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado Paper – [pdf] DAMS_Sirles_1991_Application_of_Geotomography_at_the_Monks_Hollow_Damsite Abstract

    Shear Wave Velocity Measurements Before and After Dynamic Compaction of Cohesionless Soil Deposits

    Publisher – SEG, 1990 Author – Phil C. Sirles*, Geophysicist, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado Paper – [pdf] DAMS_Sirles_1990_Site_Specific_Shear_Wave_Velocity_Measurements_Before_and_After Summary

    Shear-Wave Velocity Measurements in Embankment Dams

    Publisher – 1988 Author – Phil C. Sirles*, Geophysicist, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, Colorado Publication – [pdf] DAMS_Sirles_1988_Shear_Wave_Velocity_Measurements_in_Embankment_Dams Abstract

    Using Geophysics to Evaluate an Embankment Dam Sinkhole

    Publisher – U.S. Society on Dams, 29th Annual USSD Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, April 20-24, 2009 Authors – Michael McCaffrey, PB Power, Boston, Massachusetts; Phil Sirles, Zonge International, Denver, Colorado; William Black, Norcal Geophysical, Inc., Cotati, California; Paul Shiers, PB Power, Boston, Massachusetts; Ray Barham, Alcoa Power Generation Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee Publication – [pdf] DAMS_Sirles 2009 […]

    Detecting Structural Components and Seepage Zones at Eagle Mountain Dam Using Geophysics

    Publisher – Zonge, 2010. Presented at ASDSO 2010, Seattle, Washington Authors – Phil Sirles, Justin Rittgers, Zonge International, Denver, Colorado; Louis Verreault, Tarrant County Regional Water District, Ft. Worth, Texas; Mark Thomas, Hugh Kelly, PB America, Baltimore, Maryland Slide presentation – [pdf] Sirles_ASDSO_2010_EagleMtDam&Spillway

    Advancements in 3D Subsurface Modeling Using Seismic Refraction Data

    Publisher – EEGS, 2006. Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) proceedings. Authors – Phil Sirles*, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc., Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Alan Rock, Summit Peak Technologies, LLC., Khamis Haramy, Federal Highway Administration – Central Federal Lands Highway Division. U.S.A. Paper – [pdf] INFR_Sirles_2006_Advancement in 3D subsurface […]