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    Potential Fields Methods

    Gravity and Magnetics geophysical methods, also known as the “Potential Fields” methods, are used in natural-resource exploration to help locate mineral, petroleum and groundwater resources. They are an indirect (above ground) means of sensing the density and magnetization (physical properties) of subsurface materials for the purpose of locating faults and other lithology.

    Potential-field surveys can cover large areas of ground quickly and inexpensively and are, therefore, often used to identify smaller target areas for further investigation.


    The gravity field on the earth’s surface varies with the distribution of mass subsurface materials. This lateral change can be measured and interpreted in terms of the likely geology causing it. more


    The earth’s magnetic field induces a secondary magnetic field in ferrous materials. While all materials exhibit this susceptibility to a certain extent, iron and steel materials generally produce an effect that is easily measurable. more