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    neural network

    Identification of Unexploded Ordnance from Clutter Using Neural Networks

    Publisher – EEGS, 2008 Authors – Anna Szidarovszky*, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona; Mary Poulton, University of Arizona, Department of Mining Engineering, Tucson, Arizona; Scott C. MacInnes*, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Soldotna, Alaska Paper – [pdf] UXO_IDfrClutter_NeuralNetworks Abstract

    Application of an Artificial Neural Network for Airborne Magnetic Data Discrimination

    Publisher – SAGEEP, 2011. Authors – Jeannie Norton, Battelle, Oak Ridge, Tennessee Jacob Sheehan*, Zonge International, Denver, Colorado Les Beard*, Zonge International, Tucson, Arizona Paper –  [pdf] UXO_SAGEEP_ANNs_for_ordnance_LPB_2011-UXO Abstract Introduction