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    Geophysical data helps refine engineering design for reduced construction expense and public safety risk.

    Avoid costly surprises; narrow in on solutions. Zonge engineering geophysics services provide insight of value to planning, regulatory compliance, groundwater monitoring, risk assessment, design and remediation — all with the use of non-destructive methods.

    Engineering Geophysics Services

    • Urban infrastructure, construction hazard and engineering design input: depth to bedrock, elastic properties, hazard discovery, site classification
    • Non-intrusive methods for determining the integrity of dams, levees, bridges, mine tailings and impoundment structures
    • Geophysics for wind-turbine generator foundation design
    • Groundwater exploration and resource management geophysics
    • AMT/CSAMT surveys for mining and groundwater applications
    • Time-lapse monitoring of contaminant migration, mine sites,
      CO2 sequestration, levee seepage and other hazards
    • UXO detection and discrimination
    • More… see services relative to my problem >