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    3D Imaging of Subsurface Features Using GPR Array Beam Imaging

    Publisher –
    EEGS, SAGEEP Proceedings, 2000

    Authors –
    Jeffrey L. Orrey, Ojo Solutions,Boulder, Colorado;
    Phil C. Sirles*, Microgeophysics Corp., Wheat Ridge, Colorado;
    Charles B. Archambeau, TRAC-NA, Boulder, Colorado

    Paper – [pdf] Sirles_2000_3D_Imaging_of_Subsurface_Features_Using_GPR_Array_Beam_Imaging

    In this paper, we provide a brief review of standard survey and analysis methods for ground penetrating radar (GPR) and then introduce a new method for producing three-dimensional images of the subsurface using GPR. We outline the theory of the new imaging method, called “Array Beam Imaging” (ABI), by way of a schematic description. We then show results from application of the ABI imaging method to the characterization of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site. The 3-D image
    results are examined using 3-D isosurfaces, 3-D and 2-D volumetric projections, and 2-D tomographic slices. These techniques improve the interpretation of the otherwise standard GPR survey of the relatively complex characteristics of the gas holder and coal tar at the site. Finally, we discuss the relative advantages of the ABI method over traditional methods and summarize some potential future applications of the method.