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How to conduct an AMT geophysics survey using Zonge GDP equipment and software

Publisher –
Zonge, 2016

Download the pdf: How to Conduct an AMT Geophysics Survey and Produce Modeled Data Useful to an Exploration Program Manager


A tutorial for acquisition contractors and exploration geologists wanting a thorough description of the equipment and end-to-end process involved in conducting an AMT geophysics survey using the Zonge GDP EM data receiver and Zonge processing and inversion software.

This 13-page tutorial outlines the steps in the Audio-frequency Magnetotellurics (AMT) method – from field setup and data acquisition through processing and modeling – to deliver geo-electric models usable by an exploration program manager and ready to be combined with known geology for interpretation.

For a quick-read overview of these geophysical survey methods and their application, see CSAMT and AMT geophysics methods >>