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How to conduct an AMT geophysics survey using Zonge GDP equipment and software

Publisher – Zonge, 2016 Download the pdf: Summary A tutorial for acquisition contractors and exploration geologists wanting a thorough description of the equipment and end-to-end process involved in conducting an AMT geophysics survey using the Zonge GDP EM data receiver and Zonge processing and inversion software. This 13-page tutorial outlines the steps in the Audio-frequency […]

Effect of Electrode Contact Resistance on Electrical Field Measurements

Publisher – Presented at the 55th Annual SEG Convention, Washington, D.C. October,1985. Authors – Kenneth L. Zonge and Larry J. Hughes, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc., Tucson, Arizona Paper – [pdf] Electrode Contact Resistance Abstract

Geophysical Case History of North Silver Bell, Arizona: a Supergene-Enriched Porphyry Copper Deposit

Publisher – Zonge, 1996. Authors – Mark W. Thoman, Regional Geologist, Minera Phelps Dodge Mexico, Tucson, Arizona Kenneth L. Zonge, President, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona Dexin Liu, Geophysicist, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona Paper – [pdf] Silver Bell Case History Introduction and Summary

Comparison of Dipole-Dipole IP/Resistivity and CSAMT Results Along the Same Line

Publisher – Zonge Case Study – [pdf] Wadi Almarsad Data Comparison Summary

CSAMT Inversion Case Study, Valle de Olivos, Chihuahua, Mexico

Publisher – Zonge, 2002. Case Study – [pdf] MIN_LosOlivos Summary

CSAMT Geophysical Exploration in the Vicinity of IMMSA Mine at Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

Publisher – Zonge, 2001. Authors – E.V. Reed, Zonge International, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. S. Garza Blackaller, IMMSA-Unidad Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico. Case Study – [pdf] MIN_Taxco_v4 Introduction

Structure Mapping at Trap Spring Oilfield, Nevada, Using Controlled-source Magnetotellurics

This article gives a particularly good description of the CSAMT method, a type of CSEM surveying in which the transmitter is placed far field from the receiver. At the time of this article, this field practice was necessary to simplify the mathematics involved in modeling the data but is no longer necessary with modern inversion […]

Fluid Flow Mapping at a Copper Leaching Operation in Arizona

Publisher – The Society of Exploration Geophysicists, The Leading Edge, July 2000, Vol. 19, No. 7. Authors – Norman Carlson*, Kenneth Zonge*, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc., Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. George Ring, Martin Rex, BHP Copper, Inc. San Manuel Mining Division, San Manuel, Arizona, U.S.A. Paper – [pdf] ENV_Fluid Flow Mapping-LeadingEdge-2000 Abstract

Geophysics as an integral part of the Aquifer Storage and Recovery process

Publisher — Zonge, 2004. Presented at Aquifer Storage Recovery IV Forum, Sponsored by American Ground Water Trust, FDEP/Florida Geological Survey, and Florida Hydrogeology Consortium, Tampa, Florida, April 15-16, 2004. Authors — Thomas L. Dobecki, Ph.D., P.G., SDII Global Corporation, Tampa, Florida; Jennifer L. Hare, Ph.D., Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona. Paper — [pdf] […]

Applications of Controlled-Source and Natural-Source AMT to Groundwater Exploration

Publisher — Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), 2005 Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) proceedings. Authors — Norman R. Carlson*, Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona; Phillip M. Paski, HydroSystems, Inc., Tempe, Arizona; Scott A. Urquhart*, Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona. Paper — [pdf] GRW_SAGEEP05Groundwater […]