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    Rock properties laboratory measurements are made on core and surface samples


    Zonge Lab Services measure electrical resistivity, induced polarization, density, magnetic suscep-tibility and porosity of rock samples.

    Sample preparation equipment includes diamond saws and core drill — including non-magnetic types for natural remanent magnetization studies — and vacuum impregnation equipment for moisture saturating samples, which is required for some procedures.

    We handle your samples carefully

    Except for coring or sawing necessary for preparation, lab physical property determinations are non-destructive procedures.

    The normal sample preparation is to cross-core a one-inch core cut from the submitted sample to form a bicylindrical (double-cored), one-inch sample. This sample size and shape is necessary for magnetic remanence and susceptibility measurements and can be used for electrical and density determinations.

    Samples, cores, and cut-off remnants are returned to you and may be subsequently analyzed chemically or petrographically for correlation purposes.