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Use of CSAMT and AMT in Siting Groundwater Production Wells: Two Case Histories

Publisher — Zonge, 2011. Presented at the International Workshop on Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Methods and Their Applications,  October 10-13, 2011 Beijing, China. Authors — Norman R. Carlson, Zonge International; Charles F. Feast, Feast Geosciences, LLC.; Greg L. Bushner and Ryan Hoerth, Vidler Water Company. Paper — [pdf] GRW_GEM-Carlson-Groundwater-2CaseHistories Summary—Use of CSAMT geophysical survey method […]

Deep Groundwater Exploration in the Flagstaff, Arizona Area Using CSAMT

Publisher — Zonge, 2009. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Arizona Hydological Society and the American Institute of Hydrology, 2009. Authors — Norman R. Carlson, Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Inc., Tucson, Arizona; Phillip M. Paski, HydroSystems, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona; Randy Pellatz, Director, Utilities Department, City of Flagstaff, Arizona. Paper — [pdf] GRW_AHS2009CarlsonPaskiPellatzPaper Abstract