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    PDAC 2016 Reflects Optimism in Gold Exploration

    My take on this year’s show: Interest in both Exhibitors and Investors convention halls was active, excellent on the Investors side. I was really impressed by the high level of activity in the Investors hall during all four days of the convention. This is where I make many of my contacts. While much interest focused […]

    2D Inversion of Resistivity and IP Data with Topography

    Publisher – Northwest Mining Association, 102nd Annual Convention Proceedings, Geophysics/Geochemistry Session, Spokane, Washington, 1996. Authors – Scott MacInnes, Ken Zonge, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona, USA Paper – [pdf] MIN_NWMA1996 Abstract

    Interpretation of Out-of-loop Data in Large Fixed-loop TEM Surveys

    Publisher – SEG, San Antonio 2011 Annual Meeting Author – Les P. Beard*, Zonge International, Tucson, Arizona, USA Case Study – [pdf] MIN_SEG_InterpLargeLoopTEM_LPB_2011 Summary

    Lightning-Induced Remanent Magnetic Anomalies in Low-Altitude Aeromagnetic Data

    Publisher – JEEG, December 2009, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp. 155–161 Authors – Les P. Beard*, Jeannemarie Norton and Jacob R. Sheehan*, Battelle-Oak Ridge Operations, Oak Ridge, Tennessee Paper! Abstract

    3D Seismic Data of Arizona Rose Breccia Pipe Reveals Startling Results

    Publisher – Zonge, 2010. Case Study – [pdf] MIN_Rose Pipe 3D Seismic\ Summary

    Effect of Electrode Contact Resistance on Electrical Field Measurements

    Publisher – Presented at the 55th Annual SEG Convention, Washington, D.C. October,1985. Authors – Kenneth L. Zonge and Larry J. Hughes, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc., Tucson, Arizona Paper – [pdf] Electrode Contact Resistance Abstract

    Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data and the Elimination of Topographic Effects Through Modeling

    Publisher – Zonge Paper –  [pdf] AMT_Topo Abstract

    Detection of Karst Structures Using Airborne EM and VLF

    Publisher – Presented at SEG Annual International Meeting, 1994. Authors – L.P. Beard*, J.E. Nyquist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; P.J. Carpenter, Northern Illinois University Paper – [pdf] SEG_Karst_detection_LPB_1994 Summary Introduction

    Geophysical Case History of North Silver Bell, Arizona: a Supergene-Enriched Porphyry Copper Deposit

    Publisher – Zonge, 1996. Authors – Mark W. Thoman, Regional Geologist, Minera Phelps Dodge Mexico, Tucson, Arizona Kenneth L. Zonge, President, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona Dexin Liu, Geophysicist, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona Paper – [pdf] Silver Bell Case History Introduction and Summary

    CSAMT Inversion Case Study, Valle de Olivos, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Publisher – Zonge, 2002. Case Study – [pdf] MIN_LosOlivos Summary