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    UXO Discrimination at Camp San Luis Obispo with the MetalMapper

    Publisher –
    SAGEEP proceedings, 2010.

    Authors –
    Donald D. Snyder, Snyder Geoscience Inc., Grand Junction, Colorado;
    Mark Prouty, Geometrics, Inc., San Jose, California;
    David C. George, G&G Sciences, Inc., Grand Junction, Colorado;
    Tom King, Zapata Blackhawk, Golden, Colorado;
    Mary Poulton, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona;
    Anna Szidarovszky*, Zonge Engineering, Tucson, Arizona

    Paper – [pdf] UXO_SAGEEP2010_UXO_SanLuisObispo

    The MetalMapper is an electromagnetic metal detector that is being commercialized by Geometrics, Inc. with support from the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). Together with several other systems, the MetalMapper participated in an ESTCP-sponsored classification study at the former Camp San Luis Obispo located a few miles north-west of San Luis Obispo, California. Operating independently, the MetalMapper conducted two surveys: a dynamic mapping survey for target detection; a precision (“Cued ID”) static measurement over detected targets for use in discrimination. The study involved a number of different organizations now deploying both
    commercially available EM and magnetic sensors and advanced EM systems. Following completion of the field work by these organizations, nearly 2000 targets identified from the detection surveys were then dug. Using a common set of targets, demonstrators prepared a dig list prioritized according to the probability that a particular target was a target of interest (TOI). The dig lists were scored by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA). The primary objective of this paper is to describe MetalMapper system, the data processing, and the methodology employed for assembling the prioritized dig list. We also present the scoring results for the MetalMapper as provided to us by the IDA.