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    Poster: Demonstrations of a Fast 4D TEM System for UXO Characterization

    Publisher  –
    Zonge, 2002.

    Authors –
    Dr. Donald D. Snyder, David C. George, Dr. Jennifer Hare*, Dr. Scott C. MacInnes*, Dr. Kenneth L. Zonge, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Inc., Tucson, Arizona

    Poster Series –
    [pdf] NanoTEM_Development2002_1   NanoTEM_Development2002_2   NanoTEM_Development2002_3

    Panel 1:  Evolution of NanoTEM® – A System for Fast Multi-Channel TEM Data Acquisition; What’s Fast TEM?

    Panel 2:  Demonstrations of a Fast 4D TEM System for UXO Characterizatio Including Static Mode Interpretation, Dynamic Mode Interpretation, and DNT_Dipole (Model-Based Interpretation)

    Panel 3:  NRL Baseline Ordnance Classification Test Site, Blossom Point Standardized UXO Technology Demonstration Site, Aberdeen Test Center

    In 2000, Zonge continued internally-funded work to develop the NanoTEM system for UXO detection and characterization.  We constructed a 2nd generation antenna cart and tested it both in moving and static modes. We submitted a proposal to the Department of Defense ESTCP titled “UXO Characterization With a Fast 4-D TEM System”.  We were awarded a contract (ESTCP No. 200105) and work commenced in May, 2001. With ESTCP funding, Zonge was able to perfect its 
    high-speed acquisition software, develop data processing software, and construct a 3rd-generation antenna cart. The system was deployed at the NRL’s Blossom Point test facility in early December, 2001. In 2002, a ruggedized 4th generation NanoTEM cart was developed. The system continues to be deployed in innovative configurations for environmental and other applications.