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    Down In The Dumps–Landfill Characterization with an Extremely Fast IP Method


    This workbook was created as part of a short course conducted at S.A.G.E.E.P. 99 in Oakland California. It is not a stand-alone document. The text following the figures are only figure captions and not complete descriptions of the data. Any question regarding the contents should be addressed to Zonge International.

    Part 1
    ◾ZETA Setup diagram
    ◾Dipole-Dipole Setup diagram

    Part 2
    ◾Case Histories ◾Map of Tucson
    ◾Rio Nuevo North ◾Aerial Photograph (1998)
    ◾Test Line – Aerial Photograph (1953, 1973)
    ◾Test Line – IP depth Sections
    ◾Test Line – Resistivity depth Sections
    ◾Test Line – Borings and Interpretation

    Part 3
    ◾Case Histories (continued) ◾Rio Nuevo North (continued) ◾Entire area – IP at 10 ft. depth
    ◾Entire area – IP at 20 ft. depth
    ◾Entire area – IP at 30 ft. depth
    ◾Line 180, Lots 1, 2, and 3, IP and Resistivity Data
    ◾Line 450, Lots 17 and 18, IP and Resistivity Data
    ◾Lots 17 and 18 – IP at 10 ft. depth
    ◾Lots 17 and 18 – IP at 20 ft. depth
    ◾Lots 17 and 18 – IP at 30 ft. depth

    Part 4
    ◾Case Histories (continued) ◾Rio Nuevo North (continued) ◾Clay Concentration
    ◾Drilling Results
    ◾Lab Results
    ◾EM-31 and Magnetics Data
    ◾Comparison of Resistivity
    ◾3-D Chargeability Lot 17- North
    ◾3-D Chargeability Lot 17- South

    Part 5
    ◾Case Histories (continued) ◾Cottonwood ◾IP and Resistivity Data

    ◾Los Reales ◾Plan View with trenching data
    ◾IP and Resistivity Data

    ◾Prudence ◾Plan View
    ◾IP and Resistivity Data

    ◾Engineering Anomaly – ERT data
    ◾Engineering Anomaly – 7-spread Equivalent
    ◾Earthen Dam Data

    Part 6
    ◾Equipment ◾ZETA Setup
    ◾Acquisition System (text)
    ◾MX-30 spec sheet
    ◾GDP-32 spec sheet
    ◾ZT-30 spec sheet

    Part 7
    ◾Modeling Software ◾Two-dimensional Inversion of Resistivity and IP Data with Topography