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River Sediment Salt-load Detection Using a Water-borne Transient Electromagnetic System

Publisher – 2005 Elsevier B.V., Journal of Applied Geophysics 58 (2005) 29– 44. Authors – Brian Barretta, Graham Heinsona, CRC LEME, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide, Adelaide SA, Australia; Michael Hatch, Zonge Engineering and Research Organisation, Welland SA, Australia; Andrew Telfer, Australian Water Environments, Norwood SA, Australia Paper – [pdf] River_sediment_salt-load_detection […]

3D Imaging of Subsurface Features Using GPR Array Beam Imaging

Publisher – EEGS, SAGEEP Proceedings, 2000 Authors – Jeffrey L. Orrey, Ojo Solutions,Boulder, Colorado; Phil C. Sirles*, Microgeophysics Corp., Wheat Ridge, Colorado; Charles B. Archambeau, TRAC-NA, Boulder, Colorado Paper – [pdf] Sirles_2000_3D_Imaging_of_Subsurface_Features_Using_GPR_Array_Beam_Imaging Abstract

Case Histories of Buried Borehole Detection

Publisher – Zonge, 1996. Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), presented at SAGEEP, 1996, Keystone, Colorado. Authors – Norman R. Carlson* and Kenneth L. Zonge, Zonge Engineering and Research Organizations, Tucson, Arizona Paper – [pdf] NanoBore_BuriedBoreholeCaseHistory Summary Abstract

NanoTEM A Very Fast Turn-Off TEM System

Publisher – Zonge, 2011. [pdf]  ENV_Nano Summary This document presents results of Zonge NanoTEM® surveys for three different environmental problems requiring the location of: aluminum dross contamination, underground storage tanks (USTs), and abandoned well casings in a previous oil drilling area. Results are excellent in all three examples and were confirmed upon digging. Targets easily stand […]

Buried Landfill Delineation with Induced Polarization: Progress and Problems

Publisher – SAGEEP Proceedings, 2001. Authors – Norman R. Carlson*, Jennifer L. Hare*, and Kenneth L. Zonge, Zonge Engineering & Research Organization, Inc., Tucson, Arizona Paper!

Rio Nuevo North: Buried Landfill Delineation with IP

Publisher – Zonge Case Study – [pdf] ENV_RioNuevo Summary

Application of Continuous Resistivity Profiling to Aquifer Characterization

Publisher – Zonge, 1998 Authors – Donald D. Snyder, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona; W. Ed Wightman, Blawkhawk Geosciences, Golden, Colorado Paper – [pdf]  IP_MarineAquifer Abstract

Streamer Resistivity Surveys in Delmarva Coastal Bays

Publisher – Zonge, 2001. Authors – Frank T. Manheim, Coastal and Marine Geology Center, Woods Hole, Massachusetts; David E. Krantz, Dept. of Earth Science, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio; Donald S. Snyder, Zonge Engineering and Research Company, Tucson, Arizona; Brian Sturgis, U.S. National Park Service, Assateague Island, Maryland. Paper – [pdf] IP_MarineStreamer Introduction

Continuous Resistivity Profiling in Shallow Marine and Freshwater Environments

Publisher – Zonge, 2001. Authors – D.D. Snyder, Scott C. MacInnes, M.J. Raymond, and Kenneth L. Zonge, Zonge Engineering and Research Organization, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A. Paper – [pdf]  IP_MarineProfiling Abstract Introduction

Use of Geophysical Methods to Refine Geological Site Characterization at an Eastern Nebraska Landfill

Publisher – Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS), 1994 Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) proceedings. Authors – Edward P. Pedersen, Jacobson Helgoth Consultants, Lakewood, Colorado, U.S.A.; David Butler, MicroGeophysics Corporation, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, U.S.A. Paper – [pdf] ENV_Butler_1994_Use_of_Geophysical_Methods_to_Refine_Geological_Site_Characterization Introduction