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Get the best data acquisition system for current objectives

while being assured of making a sound investment that can be expanded easily.

Zonge geophysical data acquisition systems include power source, specialty cables, processing software and peripheral equipment for your intended purpose. Each system is capable of multiple survey methods and acquisition parameters without compromising data quality or collection efficiency.

Systems can be configured for

  • Multi-frequency/spectral IP, also known as complex resistivity (CR)
  • Frequency- and time-domain IP (RP/TDIP)
  • Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
  • Controlled-source audio-frequency magnetotellurics (CSAMT)
  • Natural-source magnetotellurics (MT)
  • Time- and frequency-domain electromagnetics (TDEM)
  • Early-time TEM (NanoTEM™)

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Instrument Sales & Training

Distributed (Wireless) EM Systems
using Zonge’s newest 32-bit ADC, high-resolution receiver for extraordinary MT and IP data even in areas of cultural noise
Integrated Multi-method Electrical/EM Systems
built on the Zonge GDP 24-bit receiver, the acquisition contractors’ standard for IP, CR and CSAMT data collection

Time-Domain EM Systems
for near-surface investigations or deep exploration, including Zonge’s new mobile, fast-turnoff transceiver, the Dynamic NanoTEM™

Electrical Tomography Acquisition System
for use in environmental and engineering applications and in secondary petroleum

Monitoring Systems
for long-term, time-lapse observations