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    Six tools. One reciever.

    Zonge GDP™ multi-method receiver systems

    GDPThe Zonge GDP™ is the original multi-channel, multi-method receiver for acquiring EM geophysical data. The professional contractors’ choice for controlled- and natural-source electric and EM data collection, it is engineered to allow you to build data-collection systems for a huge range of applications, all using the same multi-function receiver.

    Extremely flexible and durable, a Zonge GDP system offers excellent cost-per-use value and an equipment investment you can build on for the future.

    Maximum expandability options

    With a Zonge GDP™ multi-method receiver you’re not locked-in to a single-purpose system.  Purchase what you need now. Add channels, electrodes, antennas and more as needed in the field.

    GDP system components and peripherals can also be used in combination with 32-bit ZEN Receiver™ systems for some applications.

    Zonge receivers perform broadband, synchronous time- or frequency-domain measurements on both controlled-source and natural fields. MORE Zonge receivers…

    GDP systems can be configured to collect

    • Multi-frequency/spectral IP, also known as complex resistivity (CR)
      [Acquisition module for CR v1.40]
    • Frequency- and time-domain IP (RP/TDIP)
      [Acquisition module for IP v1.40]
    • Controlled-source and natural-source magnetotellurics (CSAMT/MT) [Acquisition module for CSAMT/AMT v1.76/v2.27}
    • Electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
    • Transient electromagnetics (TEM/TDEM) [Acquisition module for IP v1.70]
    • Early-time TDEM (NanoTEM™)

    To inquire about the right system for your needs, upgrade your GDP with the latest 24-bit acquisition software versions, or to add modules for more survey methods,