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    Long-term or time-lapse monitoring systems are custom built answers to modern problems.

    We engage in ongoing development to adapt EM tools to multiple applications and customer needs from open pit mine tailings stability to contaminant migration. Monitoring systems are increasingly being applied to a wide range of challenges. Contact us for more information if you believe a monitoring system may be needed to address your problem.

    Applications of electrical tomography and other monitoring systems:

    • CO2 Storage Monitoring
    • Plume Migration
    • In-Situ Leaching
    • Heap Leach Monitoring
    • Secondary Recovery (petroleum)
    • Site Remediation
    • Tank Monitoring

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    Paper: Application of a Vertical Electrical Resistivity Array for Monitoring CO2 Migration at the Ketzin Site

    A custom Zonge Electrical Resistivity Tomography system provides downhole resistivity data as a primary component for characterizing the reservoir state before and after CO2 injection and for imaging the spatial extent of the plume at the CO2 storage site Ketzin, Germany.

    Available at Energy Procedia, Volume 4, 2011, Pages 3363-3370

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