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    Zonge geophysical data receivers

    …perform broadband, synchronous time- or frequency-domain measurements on both controlled-source signals and natural fields.

    A single receiver handles routine and special-application surveys due to the range and flexibility of parameters, which are operator controlled. The ZEN 32-bit receiver and the GDP 24-bit receiver are fully compatible with Zonge transmitters, controllers, and other ancillary items.

    ZEN High-Res Receiver™

    The new 32-bit, wireless receiver designed for high performance and maximum flexibility in the collection of EM and IP data

    Zonge Electromagnetic Network (ZEN) Receiver™ arrays detect signals not otherwise detectable with conventional receivers.

    Make large-scale surveys possible with smaller crews.

    • A 6-channel wideband system capable of continuous, full-speed sampling weighs only 2.6 kg (<6 lbs) and can run for 24 hours on a 4.2 kg battery.

    Collect unsurpassed data even amid cultural noise

    • 32-bit ADC designed specifically for geophysical applications

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    Zonge GDP™ 24-bit integrated, multi-method receiver

    The original multi-channel receiver for acquisition of controlled- and natural-source geoelectric and EM data

    The Zonge GDP is the best-known equipment name among contractors and exploration groups worldwide for electromagnetic investigations.

    Having undergone continuous improvement for more than 40 years, the GDP series is the most reliable and versatile EM equipment investment you can make.

    A rugged, portable, multi-purpose receiver —

    • Capable of MT, CSAMT, TDEM, time- and frequency-domain IP
    • Pre-amplifies and filters electric and magnetic telluric signals
    • Automatically limits low-frequency tellurics for MT/AMT surveys
    • Includes radio signal filter for CSAMT and IP surveys


  • Up to 16 user-expandable channels
  • Remote control operation
  • GPS timing, plus a high-accuracy quartz clock for use where GPS signal is unobtainable
  • Windows-based graphical data processing tools for editing and quality control
  • More on GDP multi-method collections systems…


    Dynamic NanoTEM™ fast-turnoff transceiver – NEW!

    Professional, mobile conductivity surveys made easy

    Optimize parameters for almost any shallow target and get the quality data you want for a wide range of projects with this one intelligently-designed instrument. Demonstrated, better target discrimination for UXO and other environmental and geotechnical applications.

    With 31 user-selectable time gates, the Zonge Dynamic NanoTEM™ is capable of advanced prioritization and discrimination of targets.