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    Antennas / Induction Magnetometers
    for Geophysical Surveys

    Noise Graph_Discovery International Geophysics_PDAC 2013

    Zonge manufactures sensitive, permeable-core coils designed specifically for making field measurements associated with TEM, CSAMT, AMT and MT geophysical surveys, all of which require measuring one or more components of the magnetic field.

    Each of these extremely compact coils is built with the low-noise, low-power, and thermal stability necessary for geophysical investigations and is tailored to meet the requirements of a particular application.

    Right: Low-noise Comparison (click image to enlarge). Source – Discovery International 2013 PDAC meeting presentation of manufacturers’ published noise-level data


    Unrivaled sensor noise levels

    Due to feedback amplifier technology and carefully designed mu-metal cores, the sensor noise levels from Zonge’s ANT/4, ANT/5 and ANT/6 magnetic field coils are unrivaled, in many cases comparable to that of costly liquid helium magnetometers.

    Specifications_Zonge Antenna Noise Levels

    TEM/3 Magnetic Antenna

    A single-channel, magnetic-field antenna. Multiple units can be used simultaneously to measure multiple axes. The TEM/3 can be used inside or outside the transmitting loop for transient measurements. Frequency calibrations are provided for harmonic and single-frequency applications.
    Specifications TEM/3

    SENSORS_Pots_Non-polarizing ElectrodesPorous Pots

    Ceramic, copper/copper-sulfate, non-polarizing electrodes for low-noise detection of electric fields. Weight: 0.5 kg (l lb).

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