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    TEM equipment systems that make it easier to collect the quality data you want

    Dynamic NanoTEM™ continuous, fast turn-off transceiver – NEW!

    User-configurable, more time gates

    Optimize parameter settings for almost any target.

    Get demonstrated, better target discrimination for UXO and other environmental and geotechnical applications with the new Dynamic NanoTEM™ transceiver.

    Dynamic NanoTEM™ is single instrument for rolling collection of early-time TEM data that allows professionals the parameter selection and control needed to obtain optimal data for each application or project.

    With 31 time gates, the Zonge Dynamic NanoTEM™ is capable of robust prioritization and discrimination of targets. Data acquisition parameters are operator configurable, and the multi-timegate data allow for more advanced prioritization.

    TEM system for deep-sounding surveys

    RCVRS GDP sqA Zonge transmitter, a Zonge GDP™ 24-bit receiver, controller, antenna and power system incorporate the ideal equipment system for large-scale TEM surveys.

    This is a system designed for mapping structure, lithology, geothermal sources, or other exploration targets or for investigating groundwater contamination. TEM data is also useful for obtaining static corrections for MT data.

    Then make use of your GDP receiver for even more applications by adding one
    of our battery-powered transmitters for NanoTEM® or ZeroTEM surveys to your tool box. Alternatively, we can embed and integrate a fast-turnoff transmitter into your GDP for a single, easily-transportable instrument that records both longer- and early-time TEM measurements.

    NanoTEM® systems for environmental and geotechnical applications

    Two systems are available for near-surface TEM surveys: the Dynamic NanoTEM integrated transceiver, or the GDP receiver with NT-20 transmitter fast-turn-off system. Either can be used to identify buried metallic objects such as utilities, abandoned wells, underground storage tanks (USTs) and unexploded ordnance (UXO).  See case studies >

    To obtain very shallow information, the transmitted signal must go to zero very rapidly without oscillations of the electronics or of the wire loops themselves. Depending on loop characteristics, the Zonge NT-20 transmitter turns off in approximately 1.5 microseconds. This rapid turn-off, and the high-speed analog-to-digital conversion of the GDP receiver allows data collection at depths less than 2 meters and in areas with electrical resistivities in excess of 20,000 ohm-meters.
    See all transmitter options >

    The TEM method

    Sometimes called “time-domain” EM (TDEM) or “pulse” EM (PEM, EMP), TEM is used for vertical depth sounding as well as near-surface detection. Call it what you want, Zonge makes it easier to collect.

    The setup of a TEM equipment system varies greatly depending on the target: large loops on the ground, cart-mounted systems, boat-towed arrays or vehicle-towed arrays. The transmitter may consist of a thin, insulated surface wire laid out by walking along the ground. Or the transmitter may be self-contained in a cart-mounted system or towed array. Cart components are sold separately.

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