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Use of Micro-earthquake Recordings as an Exploration Tool for Geothermal Energy

The correlation of microearthquakes with geothermal energy is empirical and yet effective as an exploration tool. Many geothermal explorationists consider the presence of microearthquakes on a prospect as a favorable indication of geothermal energy and their absence as negative. Such a “yes-no” categorization is a gross misuse of the tool. Additional information available from a modern microearthquake […]

50 Years State of the Art in IP and Complex Resistivity

It is worth looking back to see how far the field of geophysics exploration has come. Presented in 2003, this paper was a combination of retrospective and forecast in which Ken Zonge outlined industry progress after a renewed interest in the IP method in the early 1950s. He then summarized Zonge company progress over the […]

Meeting Water Needs for Shale Gas Exploitation

The recent boom in exploitation of oil shales has dramatically changed the petroluem industry with active extraction occuring in areas once considered barren.  Producing gas from these new sources requires the use of huge volumes of groundwater such that producing water and disposing of the waste water are major factors in the financial viability of any fracking […]

Early-Time, Multi-Component, Mobile TEM for Deep Metal Detection

“This paper was the start of development of the system that became the Dynamic NanoTEM™ transceiver. We realized very early that there was a significant value in collecting a large time bandwidth and several receiver orientations. Use of numerous time windows and multiple receiver orientations allowed Zonge to develop some of the first discrimination technologies used in […]